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It is indeed our pleasure to have you join HRinIndia family on Linkedin.  We wish to familiarize you with the features that are available to you in your HRinIndia Group.

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You are very happy to be part of the group and want to share this with your friends.  Go ahead share the group with other Linkedin members you know.  If your friend does not have Linkedin account encourage them to join the network today.

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Recent Activity

Here is a list of all the topics that are being discussed in the group.

Go through the various topics that get discussed in the group.  Participate add your views and comments on the topic which will help other members know your view point.

Start a Discussion :

You feel like discussing on an interesting topic.  Go ahead click on Start Discussion and start straight away.

Enter a Topic or Question:  The title goes here

Additional Details: (Optional)
Description about the topic can be given more information about the topic for discussion and eliciting responses from fellow professionals.

You can get a mail from Linkedin in case you are keen to follow the topic.  Just chose tick mark given below the topic which will instantly mail you if other members have participated in the discussions.


If you wish to share the news or want to know latest news click on the link provided which will take you to a page where News are shared.

You have 4 options -
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Submit a new article -
You can also submit a new article.  All you need is a URL of the article / news which you wish to share with group members.

Jobs Page

Share and discuss jobs with group members here. Like all discussion, it's free! Want your job to reach 40 million top professionals across LinkedIn?

Go through the job postings done by other group members

Post a Job -
For posting a job you need to fill the two boxes given below

Enter a Job Title:
Additional Details: You can give more information Optional

Updates Page

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Members Page

In this page you get to see the members and link to their pages.  In case you are looking to find out other HR professionals you can use Search Group facility for names or keywords to find specific members of this group.

Settings Page

Visibility Settings - Group Logo: Display the group logo on my profile.  You can select to display our group Logo on your profile if you wish so.

Contact Settings

Contact Email:
You can Select the email address to use when receiving communications from the group.

Digest Email:
Select this option to if you wish to get a digest of all activity in this group.
Note: Your email address will remain hidden from members of this group.

Allow the group manager to send me an email once a week.

Member Messages: By selecting this feature you can allow members of this group to send me messages via LinkedIn.

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