Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Flatter technique :
Great question
Well asked
Congratulations for this question
Thats absolutely right question to ask
You are bang on
I was thinking someone will ask this i am glad that you did
It is an interesting question
Not everyone thinks of this question good one
I was not expecting this question
I can see that all of you are thinking to ask this question

Evasion technique :
If we knew the answer we would not be here
There is no one answer to that
Can anyone here help to answer this question
Good could some write so that we can take it at the end
We will coming to that later
What would be your answer for this question
You will find answer to this at the end of the session
we need to wear thinking caps to answer this one
The best person to answer is ...
Let me rephrase the question
I see we are heading for a break shortly

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