Sunday, July 30, 2006

Is HR responsible ??

Dear All,

Here is a thought which came across my mind after reading all the stories that were doing the round in the print and electronic media with respect to the Tania murder recently.

Is HR responsible ? Why and How ?

The culprit is a known 'quack' and people living in Rajajinagar vouch for that. He has been doing errand jobs till he moved to the lucrative BPO jobs.

Did the company carryout the background verification ?

What kind of people are entering the BPO industry ?

Is the industry becoming a last resort for unwanted individuals to make a quick buck ?

Why are the selection norms relaxed ?

If there is shortage in supply can they accept and offer jobs who dont deserve ?

Why are we stooping too low to offer jobs to people just because they have good communication skills ?

These are the questions which HR has to answer ! Once we discuss on the role of HR in these ghastly incidents there are some concrete thoughts and some plans companies are implementing in the wake of these incidents. We can discuss these and help our HR brethern to grapple with the changing scenario.

Let us not shirk our responsibility ! Being a HR professional in the IT industry we have not gone to this extent for filling the numbers. Agreed the skill sets are so very different !! Does this mean that we thro caution to winds and 'anyhow' fill the numbers ? It is time for all HR family members to do some kind of introspection. Atleast in these cases they have to be assertive and stand up to the managements against hiring unwanted people.

Have a Great Week Ahead. Pour out your views and be heard.



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