Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunil - We will Miss You


Nasscom vice president Sunil Mehta passed away in Mumbai following a cardiac arrest


BANGALORE: Sunil Mehta, vice president of India’s IT industry body Nasscom, died in Mumbai this morning, following a cardiac arrest. He was 41.

His demise came as a shock to many people. A Nasscom spokesperson said that they were in a state of shock on hearing the news.

Mehta has been instrumental in some of Nasscom’s recent initiatives such as the online national registry of BPO employees and Nasscom Assessment of Competence (NAC) that involves tests to grade BPO applicants.

Like Kiran Karnik, the president of the industry body, he has also been quite vocal in denouncing the anti-outsourcing critics and also defended the country’s BPO industry in the light of the certain security breaches at call centers.

In his role, Mehta was responsible for leading Nasscom’s research initiatives. He also was in charge of Nasscom’s international public affairs and public relations. Mehta started his career with Citibank. In 1989, he started his own venture, INFAC, an industry research and information company. INFAC, which was the leading research provider in India, was later sold to CRISIL in 2000 and Mehta continued to serve as a CEO with the company till the beginning of 2001.

Mehta did his post graduation from IIM, Ahmedabad.

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