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Sun Tecnology Summit 2007 - Innovation and Beyond

Sun Technology Summit 07- Innovation and Beyond -
Date : 18th May 2007Venue : Hotel Taj West End, Bangalore

Agenda :Welcome address was given by Bhaskar Pramanik, President, Sun Microsystems India.
This was followed by Keynote Address - Scott McNealy, Chairman and Founder, Sun Microsystems Inc

Parallel sessions had the following hot topics dealt by renowned Sun staff.

Stream - 1
Java SE Language features - today and tomorrow
Web Services and SOA Applications using Java EE
Java EE 5 and Glassfish - A plunge into the aquarium
Dtrace in practice, how to use DTrace to find performance issues in your application
ZFS the last word in the Filesystems.

Stream - 2
Ajax and Web 2.0 frameworksSun Java DB, a Small and easy to use, pure java RDBMS
Netbeans extreme - matisse, profiling, rich clients and more
Java Persistence API - simplifying Persistence
Open Solaris - A software evlution.

The highlights of the Scott McNealy speach included areas like -

Open Sparc - 32 threads Vs 64 threadsNeed for multi core / multi threaded ApplicationsWhat is the business logic ?

Open source drives volumes

Volumes drive ValueVolumes drive infrastructure demand.

As new consumers and new services are logged on to the networks there is increased demand being made on the infrastructure.

Java FX Consumer focussed based on Java technologiesHigh impact consumer marketBased on Java SE

Java Scripting Scripting for rich internet applicatonsThis provides a roadmap for content authoring tools as well as for content development professionals scripting provides excellent means to develop software.

FX MobileFor comprehensive tools to develop on java platform creating rich features for end mobile users.

Netbeans :Dyamic scripting with Java, J Ruby 1.0 and JSGui builder further siplifies - client applicationsRobust new editorModular packages for - Mobile, C / C++, Web and moreDeployment

PostgreSQL, Derby JD

Java Enterprise system Growth - features

Join today and use the Servers

The first 200 hours are free.

Usage beyond will cost USD ! per hour

- Open source curricula

- Web based self paced learning solution

- already has 35,000 members.

Around 600 + engineers belonging to Java developer community - which was present in the auditorium were thrilled to hear all the above features. As Scott said much will depend on how our Indian Developers can add more free java codes to the world.

More links for Java Users

DTrace in practice, how to use DT to find performance issues in your

Open Solaris - A Software

Java SE Language Features - today and tomorrow ATL Java SElanguage.pdf

Java Persistence API - Simplifying Persistence

Java EE 5 and Glassfish - A plunge into the aquarium

NetBeans Extreme - Matisse, Profiling, Rich Clients and more

Sun Java DB a small, easy to use Pure Java RDBMS

ZFS - The last work in File Systems

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