Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gender bias in Corporate India ??

Dear colleageues,

Is there a Gender bias in Corporate India

No i have not heard of any such thing. but the reports tell otherwise. Please go through the article and let us know what you think of this !

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Even as India celebrated yet another Women's Day Saturday, the discrimination against women at work continues in corporate boardrooms - they are still not entrusted with many jobs.

'The number of women entrepreneurs is still very low, only 13 percent of the total number,' says a study by the Confederation of Indian industry (CII).

'While there is a healthier ratio of women in junior management, this ratio declines in senior positions, coming down to almost universal levels of male leadership in the topmost positions,' the CII study reveals.

'A recent survey shows that only 13 percent of Indian women are working and thus the rest is wasted potential,' says Swati Piramal, director of pharmaceuticals giant Nicholas Piramal.

'One can only imagine how much India will progress if the percentage of working women increases. As far as the discrimination faced by women at their work places goes, it will decrease with time,' she told IANS, on a positive note.

In many organizations, women are not preferred for some functions, such as the manufacturing or production-related areas, according to several women IANS spoke to. The main reason given to them is security concerns and a perception that women may not be competent enough for these positions.

'Security! That is ridiculous. There is not a single women manager who has not faced any sexual harassment in her career,' says a senior woman working in a leading financial firm, preferring anonymity.

'Your degree, your hard work, do not always pay. Even when we work at par with male colleagues, we are not given due credit. When it comes to promotions, male counterparts are given preference,' she adds.

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