Monday, March 24, 2008

Robust growth seen in HR Outsourcing

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The HR Outsourcing market is growing at a rapid pace and almost all the It services companies have a Strategic Unit for HRO business.

According to ACS, now that HRO is in its adolescence, there is increasingly a track record of what is working and what is not. A growing number of organizations have experience with HRO (or at least with benefits outsourcing), and the opportunities to understand "lessons learned" are increasing. In particular, some organizations seem to be achieving far more business impact from HRO than others.

The purpose of ACS' [insightout] is to explore these trends from the perspectives of both survey results and case study. The Buck-sponsored survey was designed to gather data from companies that have outsourced some part of HR and to report their experience and results. The case study of a property casualty insurance company engaged in HRO describes its approach and lessons learned. Together, these two sources of data provide insight into issues such as the:
Scope and objectives of an HRO initiative, Strategy for the retained HR organization, including HR generalists and Centers of Excellence, to add value to the business after HRO, Practices to assess, recruit, develop, and retain HR staff during and after HRO, Effective uses of change management and communications related to HRO.

The findings outlined here can help organizations interested in HRO learn from the experience of others. We believe that HRO will be one of the most important and wide-reaching HR trends for the decade to come. Our findings suggest that companies have progressed in achieving value from HRO, but that leading companies are identifying a set of practices that, when implemented correctly, achieve that value faster and more fully.

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