Monday, June 22, 2009

Hire and Fire Policy in India

Hire and fire policy not acceptable in India: Mittal

Supporting the idea of labour reforms in the country, telecom czar Sunil Bharti Mittal said "hire and fire policy" is not going to be acceptable in the country and asked India Inc to be much more benevolent.

"I think labour reforms again are something desirable but having a hire and fire policy in a country like India is not going to be a acceptable task, neither should that be the requirement from the industry," Mittal, who's the Chairman of diversified conglomerate Bharti Group told private news channel.

"We have to be much more benevolent much more care taking of our labour force and our people and that at least the philosophy that I hold very dear to myself and I think all industry players must (follow the same).

However, he maintained that there will be times of distress for corporate houses, when they may take such steps. He thus voiced for a "platform" where the government and industry can hold discussions on such a subject.

"...there will be industries in distress ... and they need to have some flexibility from time to time so it will be desirable for the industry and government to come together create a platform on which they can have a discussion when in trouble, how should industry behave," he added.

Corporate houses, both in India and abroad, have resorted to job cuts to stay afloat amid the global economic crisis.

This is the perspective from Non IT sector. The IT industry may have to have a more dynamic policy with respect to hiring and terminating.

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