Friday, January 29, 2010

Indians most confident on senior mgmt effectiveness


Indian employees have emerged as the most confident lot in the world, when it comes to the belief in the effectiveness of companies' senior leadership teams, says a survey by global HR solutions provider Kenexa.
According to the survey, a firm's senior leadership team has a significant impact on its employees' overall opinions of the company and engagement levels.

Employees in India reported the highest rating of 69 per cent for "leadership effectiveness", followed by Brazil (59 per cent), the United States (54 per cent), China (53 per cent) and Canada (52 per cent), the report revealed.

"Employees in India view their senior leadership team as effective, if it quickly responds to marketplace opportunities and competitive threats, keeps employees well informed about organisational issues, strives to serve interests of multiple stakeholders," the report stated. Meanwhile, workers in Japan reported the lowest ratings (33 per cent), it added.

Moreover, employees with positive opinions of their leadership team state a much higher intention to stay with the organisation versus those who are dissatisfied.

"Those teams that demonstrate a strong emphasis on gaining employees' confidence through their decisions & actions and have ability to deal with the firm's challenges are those that will build more engaged workforces and outperform competitors," Kenexa Research Institute executive director Jack Wiley said.

Source : ET

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