Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things to do in 2010

In 2009, your dragon boss breathed down your neck every other day; your clients sent you a dozen mails an hour and your colleagues... well, let's just say if you start talking about them you'll SCREAM.

In 2010, nothing's changed! So much for keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for new beginnings, huh?

Well, if things haven't changed around you, may be it's time you did. Here are some tips you could use to stay spirited this year.

Stick to timings

You work till 8 pm every night so you figure you can walk in at 11 am. Not cool. You may be the best at your job but if you can't adhere to office rules, you'll only get on the wrong side of your boss. Also, coming in on time means you'll be able to leave on time. So you'll have more time to spend with family and friends after work.

Lighten up

Stop being such a grouch at work. We all know you go to office to work and so does everyone else. But that doesn't mean you need to tell people to turn it down when their voices are just above a whisper or start telling on your colleagues when they spend five extra minutes on a phone call.

If you are finding it hard to gel with your colleagues, here are a few tips that might help you fit in at work.

Stop b**ching

Quit gossiping about your boss behind his back. Gossiping only makes you feel worse at the end of the day. So if you can't find something good to say about your boss, don’t say anything at all. Sure he can be a pain but if you could do better, you might have been 'boss' instead! Also, whatever it is that you b**ch, it's going to reach your bosses ears anyway. [There are enough snitches who want to get into your bosses good books!] So, refrain.

Clear the clutter

Piles of paper, tattered files and general clutter are just not conducive to work. Clear it all out and spruce up your desk a little. Bring in some funky knick-knacks and make your workspace a little colourful. Trust us; you'll feel a lot perkier at work!

For more ideas you can check out Our Office Survival Kit for 2010!

It's office property, not yours!

Your company is doing well and they are paying you peanuts (or so you think). So you can afford to rip them off a little, right? No, you can't! Stop printing unnecessary stuff and taking home stationery for your kids. It's stealing for crying out loud.

Don't faff

It's okay to surf the Internet, play a game or listen to music once in a while but not at the cost of your work. If you think that's distracting you from putting in your 100 per cent, (hate to sound preachy but) it's time to turn it off!

Also, try and keep your personal life out of the office as far as possible, except in case of an emergency, of course.

Learn something new

If you didn't get a promotion last year, the fact that you don't brown-nose your boss may not be the only reason. Have you taken on new tasks, developed a new skill, contributed to making things easier at work? Well, it's about time you did.

Take our word for it - turn over a new leaf this year and you'll definitely start seeing things around you change for the better!

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