Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HR Lessons from Campus Hiring Mistakes

IT is quite disturbing to see the plight of the students who are offered and joining dates deferred.  The news story given below tells the sad state of affairs.


What are the HR lessons ?

Advise to HR Community

1. Withdraw Offers :
When the business is no longer supporting and customers demanding high calibre software professionals, the offers rolled should be withdrawn.  Students can seek other career alternatives instead of waiting indefinitely for the joining periods.

2. Compenstaion Review :
Lower the entry level salaries to half, since the learning curve and making these Students productive will be anywhere between 9 - 12 months.  This will reduce the Cost of Hiring and Training

3. Communication :
Instead of postponing the joining dates it would be a good idea to outright the offers if there is no business case.  It really takes lot of thought to ensure that the companys image is not tarnished by clearly establishing a case and change in the business environment

4. Outsourced Solutions :
There are many professional companies which are focused on Campus 2 Corporate offering training and onboarding solutions  The first 9 - 12 months of Fresh Engineering Grad is anyway unproductive and lot of energy / time is spent on making them accepted by customers.

5. Off Campus Drives:
Instead of visiting campuses and hiring in bulk, the HR should try to hire engineers who are available in the market.  With a large unemployed work force waiting in the wings, this will help the hiring to Just in Time recruitments as per the project needs

Advise to Student Community :

1. Do not decline offers in group companies.
2. Salary should be second consideration, to start a career they should focus on getting started
3. Make themselves 'employable' by acquiring the Technical Skills that are needed by company than simply acquiring Degrees.
4. Forget working on high end Java and Microsoft .net and focus more and more on Web Technologies.
5.  Keep updating your technical knowledge.

I request the HR / Recruitment / Hiring Managers to add their points and share to HR Community to avoid recurrence of these incidents.

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