Sunday, February 01, 2015

Challenges of Recruitment Consulting

Raghav speaking about Recruiter Challenges on 31st Jan 2015
I had the privilege to address a gathering of Recruiters at Hotel Citadel, Bangalore @ the inaugural function of Geo Recruiters Association Bangalore. The following were some points which was discussed.
Right Time :
these are indeed interesting times, as we speak there is lot of activity going in the background. The hiring plans of the leading IT companies have been frozen and if all goes there will be groundswell opportunities, knocking at the doors of the deserving candidates. Lateral hiring will see sharp upward swing as most companies jostle to hire the best.
Right Place :
Recent news mentions that the biggest lease of commercial / office space was done in Bangalore topping the list with 4.5 million square feet for the year 2014. This typically means there will be more and more hiring to fill up these work places.
Experienced Vs Freshers :
With shoe string budgets a recruiter often finds at sea to make a choice between a Fresh Recruiter and an experienced one. The general feeling is that we can hire fresh graduates and get the work done. I have a very different view on this, in my opinion as a recruiter your client would likes you to close the positions as quick as you can. In this context we should aim at faster closures by hiring a veteran who has expertise of end to end recruitment life cycle.
Hiring an experienced recruiter with 4-6 years of experience will be an ideal choice since you can add more freshers under the experienced ones. The average closure an experienced person should manage is anywhere between 3 - 5 closures with a billing of INR 1-1.5 lakhs per month.
Pushing for Peak performance :
In this era of speed recruiting the question many faced in the audience was - Is it better to push medoicre for peak performance, or push the high performers. Majority of the participants felt it would be good to push medoicre to achieve more. My own experiences with the team pushing the top performances will give greater results. It has been proven beyond point that for attaining excellence and getting more closures go after your top performers and continuously challenge them !!
Candidates Indifference :
With the job markets opening up the race to reach to the right candidate is hotting up. Most of the consultants have naukri and monster and there is a virtual rat race to talk to the candidates get them interested and push the resumes to the client for selection. Candidates do not even bother to send in their updated cvs instead they ask recruiters to pick it up from the job portals.
Question - A candidate who cannot even forward his cv how serious is he to take the F2F interviews and eventually join your client ??  It is better to drop such cvs as they are not very serious about making a job change.
Answer : Avoid an indifferent candidate who is not even bothered to push the cv from his / her soft copy of cv through smart phones. They will tend to drop off quite early stage of selection process.
With the era of "No Shows" the life of a recruiter is always on the edge, not knowing whether the candidate who picked up offer will join till they report to work.
Let us pray better sanity prevails and there is going to be signs of 'stability' in the worlds most 'unpredictable business' - recruiting.

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