Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Whats in store for HR

This is most hated and much discussed subject on the role of HR in future.

Firstly let us understand why this question has originated in the first place. This is more so because it has become a common practice by the companies to outsource all transactional activities of HR function to external agencies. One example is Payroll. This is a very critical function and needs utmost attention of the professionals.

Secondly in India there is not much outsourcing of Recruitment function. Reasons could be that we do not enough reputed and trustworthy agencies who can handle this in a professional manner. From the users side there is this apprehension of loss of confidential data - leaking out of the resumes and reaching 3rd parties.

Thirdly one aspect of Training - soft skills or technical training is still being handled by members of HR team. Here we see tremendous scope for outsourcing this activity since there is not much of a value add proposition for the Senior management for having this handled by them.


HR Strategies :
Each company adopts its own strategy both in attracting and retaining talent. The approach is not the same and standardized. This involves thorough understanding of business needs and purely depends on the organizational goals.

Employee Communication :
One of the primary responsibility of HR department is to make emloyees understand and implement the various policies that are made in a company. Constant communication both ways - up and down helps HR to know the pulse and understand what is buzzing around in the company.

to be continued ..

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