Thursday, May 13, 2004



Rohan is aged 9 years and is considered as Wiz Kid amongst his peers. He is so proficient with pcs logs on the system and spends 3 hours a day connecting with his friends across the globe. He is an expert in communicating and connecting with many and uses Voice / Video chatting extensively.

Friends and relatives alike were envious about his knowledge in PC handling. It is a common thing that most parents tend to compare their kids with Rohan and advised them to learn from this brightest boy the tricks and techniques. Rohan on his part was so overtaken by the recognition and adulation. So much such that he forgot to concentrate on his scholastic studies. In the regular Parents meets his teachers used to tell his parents to focus the energies on the syllabus

As the school exams are fast approaching Rohan was busy with mugging the material. His school mates were equally involved and to their relieve exams were over. Everyone expected Rohan to be number one and clear the exams.

Results are declared and to the utter surprise of Rohan, parents, relatives and friends he failed in the exam.


Computers / IT are good to make use but do not forget the basics. This is what happened in AP.

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