Saturday, July 16, 2005


It was again a great pleasure Moderating on the Second Day of International Management Film Festival held at Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan, Millers Road Bangalore on 15th July 2005.

At the outset i would like to thank the organizers for arranging such a wonderful and novel film festival of a different kind !! With no start around i felt the starts of the day were those whom you see in the snap here. Yes Dr Santrupt Misra, Director Aditya Birla Management Corporation Limited, Mumbai, flanked with Mr. Subhir Hari Singh, IAS (Panelists for the discussion that followed Movie on globalization) Commander Somana, and Mr. Prasad Agali of People Skills (Organizers of the IMFFI

Some of the highlights of the movie were :

Why so many companies have failed in their pursuit of globalization ?

- Barings had to incur huge losses due to globalization
- Kodak had to face the wrath of huge distribution network of Fuji and hence failed
- Satchi & Satchi was a victim of non localisation

The movie took case study of a company Tractabel which is a company which is in Budapest and primarily into gas and electricity. The company has power plant in Budapest,Hungary and has evolved from local champions to become global masters !!

The movie went on to understand what prompts globalization :

- Economics of Scale
- Networking
- Learning Opportunities

To know more about the activities of Tractabel click on thelink below :

For reading the complete review of the movie and the key learnings will posted in future blogs.

Thats it folks. Thanks for your time and reading. Donot forget to leave your footprints !

Chief Editor HRudaya

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