Saturday, July 16, 2005

ROI on Training

Nasscom Bangalore supported by HRI Bangalore Chapter has organized an interactive session with Mr. Mahan Tavakoli on 14th July 2005 at Hotel Royal Orchid, airport road Bangalore.

The session opened with a crisp remarks by Mr C Mahalingam (Mali) who has given intro to the theme for the session. In his inimitable style Mali has put forth the agenda and extolled the need for being more creative in design an delivery of the Training Programs.

The presentation of Mahan commenced immediately thereafter. He discussion with a query to the audience - "How do organizations typically know a training program was good and/or effective?" Evolution of training has changed Emphasis in corporate training has shifted from training the individual to meeting the strategic needs of the organization.

Mahan explained 5 levels of measuring Training
- Reaction and Planned action
- Measurement
- Learning
- Job application
- Business results

The meeting concluded on stressing the need to Increase Your ROI in Training. The following were some of the ideas shared -

1. Select training participants carefully.
2. Make sure participants are clear about the expectations.
3. There needs to be support and coaching back in the work environment.
4. Make sure there is post-training performance monitoring.
5. Give people the opportunity and the incentives necessary to apply new skills and knowledge.

What followed thereafter was really interesting. Audience have put quite relevant questions to Mahan and it is to the credit of the Mahan that he has dealt with aplomb.

Mr Ranjan Acharya of Wipro explained how we an measure the retrun on training by giving the example of technical training provided. The participants of the training program are then put on the projects and they become productive. It becomes pretty easy to measure the impact of training.

HRI Bangalore Chapter expressed thanks to the participants who have taken their time off their busy schedule and attended the session which started at 330 and ended at 530 pm

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