Friday, October 28, 2005

Highlights of the HR Conference 27 Oct 05

The focus of the HR Conference held at Hotel Ashok, Bangalore was - HR in IT, MANAGING PEOPLE - DRIVING BUSINESS

The event started with the traditional lighting of the lamp by Mr Zindal, DG of STPI, Simon of Misys, Raghav Founder HRinIndia and Tarun Hukku, CRO Microland.

Tarun Hukku - welcomed the speakers - Simon, Zindal, Raghav, Dignatories, Speakers Media and participants.

The event started on time with inaugural address by Mr Zindal Director General of STPI he has underlined the importance of the HR function and has stressed that in the Knowledge Economy people are everything.

Raghav Founder HRinIndia said that they are glad to associate with this mega HR event of the year as part of the Bangalore He has thanked the weather god for being kind, the speakers for accepting and making it the venue at a short notice. He has also thanked the HRI Core Team - Gopalakrishna Gubbi, Shama Sundar, RSK Shivakumar and Alex who have spared no efforts to make this event a success.

First Session
Key Note Address was given by Simon Heath - HR Director, Retail Banking, Misys Banking Systems.

Second session
HR - Building Sustainable Value Systems
Mr. Vivek Kulkarni COO of B2B said that HR plays an integral role in the ethical structure of today's Corporate society. It has the power to influence the DNA of the fabric.How should the HR Heads and HR Managers rise to the occasion and strengthen the same and baalance immediate business gains with the long term impact of societal changes. With lakhs youg people coming into the IT industry HR will continue to play a vital role in influencing their minds and ensuring that the young Indian does not forsake the traditional value systems for a few dollars more!

Third Session -
HR - Changing Scenarios - The Business Dimensions of HR Today
Speakers - Pallab, Prashant and Navnit Singh
Theme was emphasised by all the speakers This sesion tracks the changes in HR over the past decade. How HR has evolved and how it will continue to evolve. HR has come a long way from processing payrolls and today it has a rightful place in the Boardroom. In the IT industry the entire business delivery hinges around people. How will the HR Manager continue to contribute in full value to the business aspirations of the organization will be discussed in this session. A must for the HR Manager of Today and Tomorrow.

Fourth Session -
Managing Changing Demographics - The Global HR Manager
Speakers - C Mahalingam, Sudheesh Venkatesh and Bikramjit Singh
Today's employee is a very different individual from the traditional Indian worker. The average age keeps getting lower and the average aspirations keep getting higher. How does the HR Manager walk the tightrope between organizational needs and constraints and the aspirations of the employee population. Also, challenges grow as the boundaries of businesses disappear. Today's HR Manager needs to do more needs to be knowledgeable about work in different countries not just cities. What needs to be done to prepare the HR Manager for the global future of organizations will be the topic for this session.

Fifth Session -
Recruiter as A Brand Ambassadors - Best Practices in Recruitment
Speakers - Unmesh and Sashi Kumar Moderator Tarun Hukku
The first point of contact for potential employees is your recruiter. Is he enabled enough to be your Brand Ambassador? Has the recruitment function been given enough resources to create the kind of image your CEO wants? This session will discuss the benefits of utilising the recruitment function as a marketing tool. Seasoned practitioners will discuss case studies on successful recruitment strategies and tactics

Sixth Session -
Capability Development - Building Partnerships for Sustained Growth
Speakers - Ranjan Acharya, Raghuram Reddam and SR Gopalakrishnan
All organisations are coming to grips with the fact that lateral hiring will only take them so far. It is becoming critical for organisations to enable capability development for future growth. This session explores the partnerships that organisations will have to invest in to ensure a sustained supply of quality people. This could be partnerships with Universities, International and Domestic Training organisations, Internal Departments and NGOs too

Final Key Note was delivered by Anna Oldman, Dphil - COO, PPC Worldwide, India

The meeting was well attended. What is gladdening is that inspite of the inclement weather, HR professionals, Speakers, Organizers have shown tremendous amount of grit to have this Conference as per schedule.

Many thanks for the other professional bodies who have supported by sending their delegates to this HR Conference.

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