Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facebook wastes employees time ? Do you agree ??

A new study proves (as if we needed it) that many employees spend a chunk of the work day on Facebook. But does that mean you should do anything about it?

On average, employees spend about 1.5% of their working hours updating, friending, messaging, etc., according to a new survey of office workers by Nucleus Research.

Some of the other findings, which may or may not come as much of a surprise:

* Nearly two-thirds of employed Facebook users go on the site during work
* Of that number, employees spend an average of 15 minutes a day on Facebook, and
* 87% of those who use Facebook at work can’t articulate a clear business reason for doing it.

Does this mean it’s time to cut off access to social networking sites once and for all? The folks at Nucleus recommend companies consider it, suggesting it could result in a 1.5% productivity gain.

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