Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ladies Special - Dedicated Job Portal for Women

Looking for a job? If you are a woman interested in a part-time/full-time vocation or wish to volunteer your time at an NGO or even work from home, Naukriforwomen.com is your click to employment.

The website is a one-stop career portal that aims to empower Indian women by facilitating employment while giving them the opportunity to discuss and seek advice on various issues related to the workplace. The website is an initiative by Priya and Pullak Mohanty, who have also co-founded the popular Memsaab.com.

"The idea came about when we looked at the working population in the west and saw that the number of men and women were equal. But in India, the population of working women comprises only 13 per cent of the total work force. We feel every company and employer has a moral responsibility to help bridge this gap," says Mohanty.

Thus started the Naukriforwomen.com community, where women can connect with each other and realise their true potential. So far, more than 5000 jobs have been posted on the portal with more than 1000 success stories.

Tough start

The portal is enthused by the belief that women possess special qualities and their workplace needs are different from those of men.

Through this initiative, the site aims to provide a common platform where both employers and job seekers can communicate directly and understand each other's needs to make the workplace women-friendly. Mohanty says, "The initial days were tough. We started with only 20 odd jobs on our site. But now we have thousands. Every day, we adapt and improve to meet the needs of the community."

To post jobs at Naukriforwomen.com, prospective employers and recruiters have to register themselves. After a thorough background check, the account is approved of, after which they can post jobs. Every job posted on the site has to go through an approval process by the support staff. The site already has over 2500 registered employers and recruiters who post relevant jobs for women across all strata of society.

Let's celebrate

The founder duo celebrates when someone writes in about her successful journey to securing a job. Last month, the site crossed over 100,000 registered users and also reached another milestone when it registered 2,500 employers and recruiters. But Mohanty feels that the most memorable day will be when the site is instrumental in helping every single individual of the community attain her dream job.

A few people, though, have criticised the service as a feminist movement. "But every time we receive a "Thank you" note from our successful job aspirants, we are overjoyed," smiles Mohanty. And though Mohanty feels that they have miles to go before they can call the venture a success, they are almost about to realise their objective in terms of providing an exclusive job listing and professional networking opportunities for the benefit of the working women.

The founders want to take the site to every Indian household. Mohanty adds, "Our aim is to inspire and encourage all women to contribute to their family income, even if they don't want to venture out of their homes."

Source - hindustantimes

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