Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Advise to HR Managers !

A HR Managers are advised to :
  1. Good listening skills - you learn a lot by hearing others
  2. Drafting skills - helps in defining easy to undersand HR policies
  3. Negotiation Skills - In case of conflicts helpful in resolutions
  4. Smile - being cheerful you can keep stress out of your ambit
  5. Visible - do not confine to room, keep the doors open and move around employees
  6. Engage - a dialogue with all ensure equal participation of introverts too
  7. Helping nature - walk the extra mile and in helping others you help yourself
  8. Love Haters - nothing wrong with those who simply criticize you for no reason
  9. Nip in the bud - rumor mongers be strict and enforce rules to deal with it
  10. No please all attitude - Its good to stand your ground and be counted rather than trying to please all !!
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